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Self Adhesive Labels - Size Guide

The following table is a complete list of label sizes currently available on our website. For direct thermal labels please use the left column and use the right column for thermal transfer labels.

If you require a label size or type not listed please contact us on 01482 485005 or email

Direct Thermal Labels

4x3 Inch Direct Thermal
4x2 Inch Direct Thermal
4x1 Inch Direct Thermal
3x4 Inch Direct Thermal
76x76mm Direct Thermal
3x3 Inch Direct Thermal
76x51mm Direct Thermal
76x38mm Direct Thermal
76x25mm Direct Thermal
2x4 Inch Direct Thermal
2x2 Inch Direct Thermal
2x3 Inch Direct Thermal
2x1 Inch Direct Thermal
38x38mm Direct Thermal
38x25mm Direct Thermal
25x25mm Direct Thermal
25x10mm Direct Thermal
25mm Circular Direct Thermal
20mm Circular Direct Thermal

Thermal Transfer Labels

101x127mm Thermal Transfer Perf
102x76mm Thermal Transfer
76x76mm Thermal Transfer
76x38mm Thermal Transfer
76x25mm Thermal Transfer
38x38mm Thermal Transfer
38x25mm Thermal Transfer
25x25mm Thermal Transfer
15x38mm Thernal Transfer
150x100.54mm Thermal Transfer

At Label Metrics Ltd, based in Hull,we keep a large range of self adhesive die cut labels in stock and in constant production courtesy of our on-site manufacturing facility. In this series of guides in our article section we will explain not only the sizes of self adhesive labels we manufacture but also the types of labelling materials we convert and also the different types of adhesives which are available.

Die Cut Label Sizes

25 Diameter Labels
25x15mm Labels
36x16mm Labels
40x10mm Labels
50x25mm Labels
50x25mm Labels
50x30mm Labels
51x32mm Labels
50x75mm Labels
50.8x75.5mm Labels
52x38mm Labels
58x60mm Labels
76x38mm Labels
76x50mm Labels
76.2x50.8mm Labels
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